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सर्व लेवा प्रागतिक आदिल सभासद यांना नम्र विनंती कि आपले ओळख पत्रासाठी लागणारे फोटो हे लवकरात लवकर उज्वला पाटील फोन: 7208038100 आणि सतीश देशमुख फोन: 8652454343 यांच्याकडे जमा करावी.
This website is solely dedicated to Thorgavankar Leva Samaj. Leva community is originated from the “LAV” the son of Lord Ram from the suryavanshi KUL.
At present Leva community is divided into four branches –Leva thorgavankar, Leva Savdekar, Navghare and Kandarkar. Our original caste is KUNBI and sub-caste is LEVA PATIDAR. Basically Thorgavankar Leva Samaj originated from Punjab near Ravi river, then they shifted to Rajasthan, Gujarat near Pavagarh area and to Bijagarh, Malwa Madhya Pradesh and settled around Tapi River area at Khandesh - Earlier the community has been situated at Thorgavan, Gate ,Waghode, Mangi, Chunwade, Yawal, Dongar Kathore, Atrawal, Pilode ,Borkheda ,Varangaon, Fulgaon, Vilhale, Pimpalgaon, Sakegaon, Sunasgaon, Beli, Wadhode, Dongar Kathore, Hingone. Now the community has been spread not only all over India but all over the World. There are many extinguish prominent leaders in business and service sector.
Leva Thorgavankar prominently Kshatriya and subsequently doing farming. Thorgavankar community consist of-Deshmukh, Kolhe, Patil, Bauskar, Kolte, Chaudhari, Kurkure, Nale, Zope, Shinde. Even if the total strength of the community is very small, still it has been in existence as a separate entity, this itself is creditable and remarkable.
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  Dear Sir/Madam, please download the Vadhu Var Parichaya Melawa form -Mumbai Parisar held as on 21-9-2014 at aaditya sabhagruh aagarkar road, Dombivali, Kalyan West 421301.
For any Enquiry please contact  Mr.Satish Deshmukh- 8652454343
PLease circulate this form to all our community members Thank you.  Download Form..